Volunteer of the Month!

Volunteer of the Month - June 2017

Siobhan Kitchen, PMP and New Member Director Volunteer, leads PMI-Midlands membership drive and Chapter Goes Over 500 Members for the First Time in It's History!

Siobhan, a project manager and Environmental Data Manager for Savannah River Nuclear Solutions worked with our past Chief People Officer, Barbara Gelberd, to implement the Project Management Institute (PMI) Guest Pass Program which offered free membership to first time joiners for the remainder of their current PMI membership year. The program made it easy for PMI members to join our local chapter - for free - to see how valuable the membership was before paying the very reasonable $20 fee the next year. 

Siobhan is finishing up her volunteer stint with PMI-Midlands after two years of committed work due to family and work commitments. But she and Barbara and the whole membership team saw a 34% increase in membership over the last 18 months from 390 to 521 currently. Great job Siobhan and Good Luck in your work and ventures and maybe we will see you back in a year or two to see you work your magic again! Thanks for all you did!

Sincerely, Scott B. Davis

CEO PMI-Midlands