PMI Midlands – Membership

The PMI South Carolina Midlands Chapter is a professional association of individuals who have made project management a priority in their career, and we are here to serve their career and business goals .

Leadership Team

The Membership area is led a powerhouse team of individuals, with support from many volunteers from within our Chapter.

Troy Penny, Chief People Officer


Responsibilities and Services

We are working hard throughout the year to make the PMI-Midlands membership experience meaningful and inclusive.  We have recently acquired a membership tool will support us to:

  • Reach out and engage new members become a part of the PMI-Midlands community
  • Create targeted events to help grow membership
  • Help all members get involved at whatever level works best for them

We would greatly appreciate hearing from you about what we can do to meet your goals as an individual or a business.

Contact Us

The best way to reach us, and ensure we get the message to contact you in return, is to send an email to  We will respond to you within 1 business day.