PMI Midlands – Finance

The PMI South Carolina Midlands Chapter is interested in being around for many years to come, and a major part of accomplishing that goal is to ensure sound financial discipline and accountability.

Edmond Melkomian, PMP®, Chief Finance Officer

Edmond serves as the Chief Finance Officer, responsible for maintaining and presenting all financial records required for chapter operation.  Edmond was elected January 2014.

Responsibilities and Services

The board of directors delegates the oversight of financial responsibility to the CFO. The office is responsible for various financial related activities:

  • Financial statements and cash flow
  • Recording of receipts
  • Payments to vendors
  • Travel and expense reimbursements
  • Credit card, paypal and bank reconciliations
  • Financial audits
  • Tax reporting

 Contact Us

The best way to reach us, and ensure we get the message to contact you in return, is to send an email to  We will respond to you within 1 business day.